Academic Conference to Study Bond reports that “French academics have organized a three-day conference in Paris to study and discuss the cultural relevance of James Bond.”At the conference, scheduled for later in January, attendees will discuss 007’s “influence on the British identity, capitalism, geopolitics, gastronomy and sexuality.”

According to the Center for Cultural History of Contemporary Societies at Versailles University, “James Bond literature does not seem to have received the scientific attention that it merits”…”Bond is a cultural phenomenon and it is well worthwhile asking ourselves how this character has managed to cross so many political time zones and remain with us to this day.”

This isn’t the first time Bond has gotten academic scrutiny. There’s a terrific book called Ian Fleming & James Bond: The Cultural Politics of 007 which is a collection of papers presented at just such a conference, held at Indiana University. Indiana University is the home of the Ian Fleming papers, and so is the natural location for this sort of thing.

The book’s a bit jargony, a bit wonky, but if you can get through that, it’s a lot of fun. Maybe this conference will produce another book.


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