AMAZINGLY historic! Multiple Bond BAFTA noms!

Now that the full BAFTA nomination list is available, it’s even more astounding than I previously suggested. The nods for Bond are truly amazing:

  • The Alexander Korda Award for the Outstanding British Film of the Year: CASINO ROYALE – Michael G Wilson/Barbara Broccoli/Martin Campbell/Neal Purvis/Robert Wade/Paul Haggis
  • Adapted Screenplay: CASINO ROYALE – Neal Purvis/Robert Wade/Paul Haggis
  • Actor in a Leading Role: DANIEL CRAIG – Casino Royale
  • The Anthony Asquith Award for Achievement in Film Music: CASINO ROYALE – David Arnold
  • Cinematography: CASINO ROYALE – Phil Meheux
  • Editing: CASINO ROYALE – Stuart Baird
  • Production Design: CASINO ROYALE – Peter Lamont/Simon Wakefield
  • Sound: CASINO ROYALE – Chris Munro/Eddy Joseph/Mike Prestwood Smith/Martin Cantwell/Mark Taylor
  • Achievement in Special Visual Effects: CASINO ROYALE – Steve Begg/Chris Corbould
  • The Orange Rising Star Award: EVA GREEN

Now, Bond films have won technical awards in the past, and have received nominations for music, design, and such, but this is the first time in history that a major award nomination has been given to a Bond film, to an actor for playing Bond, or to a Bond screenplay. This is astonishing and thrilling. Well done, Casino Royale!


2 Responses to “AMAZINGLY historic! Multiple Bond BAFTA noms!”

  1. UNCLEagent Says:

    There are so many moments, ever so subtle, where Craig just shines. I especially love his touches of humor – so relaxed and natural, you just feel you are sitting right next to him and in on the joke. Two moments that come to mind: the playful bantor in the limo with Vesper, revealing their cover name and the wonderful exchange with the banker at the retreat when Bond innocently asks “Did you bring any chocolate?” and then chuckles at the response.

    I dunno. I just love those moments and cannot applaud the casting choice enough!

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The casting was bold. I wonder if Barbara Broccoli & Michael Wilson anticipated the backlash. They certainly have had the last laugh (lucky us).

    My favorite moment is surely the shower.

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