How to Become James Bond?

An interesting inquiry from a reader:

Back in 1982, I purchased a James Bond book, unfortunately the title evades me, about how to be or become James Bond. It had a white cover with black print on it. I believe the publishing date was 1969. I cannot recall if it was printed here in the United States or London. I have been searching e-bay and antiquated book collector web-sites with no success to locate this book. Not having the title does not help. It is a book that I no longer own, obviously, but wish to again. Any information that you may be able to provide or direct, I would truly appreciate.

I got nothing. I’m familiar with How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle, but it’s too recent and the color scheme doesn’t match.

If anyone has information that could help this woman, do please post it in comments.


2 Responses to “How to Become James Bond?”

  1. Richard Reid Says:

    The Book of Bond was published in the UK and the US and was written ostensibly by “Bill Tanner” the chief of staff in MI6 (actually by Kingsley Amis). It used excepts from the Fleming novels published to that point to illustrate how a man could emulate Bond. I think this might be the one you are thinking of as it had the white cover. When new it came with a dustcover that could be reversed to hide its true contents. For info see

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Thank you so much!

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