Interview with Casino Royale Production Designer has an interview with Peter Lamont, who was a production designer on not only Casino Royale but an impressive 17 other Bond films (he missed Dr. No, From Russia With Love, and Tomorrow Never Dies).

He had this to say about Daniel Craig’s Bond:

And now you’ve got a new Bond with Daniel Craig..
I think Daniel is a great choice. We were all there when he did the tests and he was the one who got our vote. He was by far the best. He moves well, he’s a great actor, he’s a very handsome fella and he’s very physical. All great attributes for James Bond. We were all delighted when he got to have a crack at it.

Do you think that Daniel is closer to Fleming’s original vision of Bond?
I’m not sure about that. I think Terence Young (director of Dr. No and Thunderball) kind of put everything on the map with how he saw Bond – how he was dressed, brief case, all of that – and it all emanated from that. And I think if you look back at those early Bonds, he is a bit of a snob really – you know, the cars he drives, the cigarettes he smokes, hand made shirts. And I think that was how Terence saw it. But it’s come on since then and we’re now in the real world. But Terence definitely set a template with Dr No.

Click here to read the complete interview.


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