How very French, Mr. Bond

Saw this in the New York Times:

The British secret agent has driven British cars, worn Savile Row and Brioni suits, flashed Swiss watches and demanded Russian caviar and Norwegian honey.

But he speaks French — at least in the 1953 novel “Casino Royale.” He detests English tea. He insists that his tournedos béarnaise be served rare and his vodka martinis be splashed with the French aperitif Lillet.

The article goes on to discuss the first-ever scholarly conference on James Bond held in France, and has all sorts of interesting quotes.

“This conference is a revolutionary act,” said Luc Shankland, a lecturer on media and cultural studies at the Sorbonne who is writing his doctoral dissertation on Bond and British cultural identity. “To put this artifact of popular culture in a setting like the highbrow National Library is a kind of provocation. It’s been a taboo in intellectual circles to say you like James Bond.”

I love that. “Revolutionary act” indeed.


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