Bond Film Attendance and Revenue Through the Years

Pop culture blog Serve with Chips has posted charts showing the attendance figures for Bond films, both worldwide and for the US only. Mirrors are below. Click to enlarge.

I am a little surprised that Thunderball outdid Goldfinger. I thought GF was the biggest. Guess I read too many “Greatest” lists. Odd how GF is the most memorable; the most iconic. Oddjob’s hat is more famous than Largo’s eyepatch, that’s for sure.

Graphs below the fold.


World Bond Film Attendance


US Bond Film Attendance

Serve with Chips also has another chart, this one of the inflation-adjusted gross box office receipts.

 The inflation-adjusted chart is no big suprise. Bondmania peaked in the mid-60s, we all know that. There was a big Star Wars inspired surge for Moonraker. Yeppers. The biggest surprise is that DAD actually did better than CR ’06, at least so far.


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