Oscar thoughts

So Bond was robbed, screwed and dissed by the Oscars. Again. The BAFTAs get it, but the Oscars have their heads up their asses. I mean, snootier than the British, there goes that stereotype.

And I’m thinking about Paul Haggis. Nominated for best adapted screenplay in ’05 for Million Dollar Baby, which ended up winning Best Picture. Last year, won two Oscars, for writing and producing the Best Picture (Crash), and got a third nomination, for directing it. This year, is again nominated, for writing the Best Picture nominee Letters from Iwo Jima.

And oh, yeah, by the way, co-wrote Casino Royale.

The Academy does this to Bond over and over (I’ve a section on it in my book). I could mention John Barry, who won four Oscars for best original score, but not a single nomination for any of his eleven(!) Bond films. So I mean, was Dances With Wolves really a better score than Thunderball? Gotta say, I don’t think so. And overall, I think Casino Royale had a better screenplay than Million Dollar Baby (so sue me). These talented, amazing people get overlooked for some of their best work, and get nominated for other work, because somehow, Bond just isn’t classy.

But you and I know they’re wrong.


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