Craig Best Actor! Dench Best Actress!

Last night was a big night for Bond actors at the Evening Standard British Film Awards. Daniel Craig was named Best Actor for his magnificent work in Casino Royale. In addition, Judi Dench (a.k.a. M) received the Best Actress nod for her work in Notes on a Scandal.

It is wonderful that their work is being acknowledged. I am particularly thrilled about Craig, who is being awarded for a James Bond film, as opposed to acknowledging his work elsewhere.


8 Responses to “Craig Best Actor! Dench Best Actress!”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    Deborah: bought the book and am enjoying every page…thank you.
    Why don’t you do a detailed chapter on Casino Royal on this site? We don’t want to have to wait for the second issue lol. I am curious as to your take.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Hi Butterfly,

    Well, the very first post in this blog was a CR review, and I’ve been blogging about it pretty consistently. I think tonight I’ll create CR as a category so that you (and I) can sort & search for it.

    Before I can do things like the quotes and the trivia and the deaths, though, I need the DVDs. I assure you that I triple- and quadruple-checked all the factual details in the book, and CR will get the same treatment.

  3. Oh well, yes, did miss that one, sorry. I also didn’t realize until thinking about it how much one would need a dvd to capture the details the way you do in the book. Point taken–well the dvd is scheduled for a mid march release so it won’t be long now.
    One of the remarkable things about CR that stayed with me after the movie is how harsh and unpleasant the violence is. When Bond gets back to the hotel room after the intense stairwell fight in Montenegro (top ten material?)his exhaustion and reactions are unlike anything I can think of in the series.
    Anyway, a CR category is a great idea. I think I will look around the site for other threads.

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Hi Butterfly,

    I spent some time last night creating categories. I hope it makes things easier.

    I have already started gathering data for a CR update to the book, and of course it’ll have a Bond 22 preview the way the first & second editions have a CR preview.

    (Yep, there’s a second edition coming any day. I’ll make an official announcement as soon as it’s in my hands.)

    I agree about the violence. It is not only much more realistic, but much truer to Fleming’s work.

  5. Butterfly Says:

    Thanks for considering the CR corner. CR is the only Fleming I have read. Picked it up at Penn Books for train reading. I’m not sure i could get into the other novels as my mindset has been so fixed by the movies.

    Did you put your top 21 list together in here? My guess is you would put CR in the top 5.

    For me its
    1 TB
    2 CR
    3 DAF
    4 GE
    5 GF

  6. I am still agonizing over my new top five. I want to include CR but I can’t figure out who to bump.

    My old top five is:

    1. FRWL
    2. GE
    3. TSWLM
    4. TLD
    5. DAF

    I love all those movies and I want to keep them all as top five movies. I hate to drop DAF from the top five, y’know? There’s a lot of affection and loyalty mixed in with the dispassionate judgement of a movie’s worth.

  7. Butterfly Says:

    Well, you need to consider the merits of FRWL vs DAF if you want to keep one of each of the bonds (save Lazenby)in your top 5. The way I see FRWL and DAF is within its context. In the US in the late 60s-early 70s, there was a definite cultural shift in entertainment. Think ratpack vs Sonny and Cher. FRWL, with its thin cuff suits and conservative haircuts “feels” like part of that “Perry Mason” generation. DAF is a very 70s “American” movie. I remember seeing it when it opened as a little kid. For me, it has it all as a Bond flick.
    The more interesting question is why TSWLM so high?

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