Interview with Barbara Broccoli

Over at CBn, where they find all the coolest interviews, is a transcript of part of a BBC radio interview with Bond co-producer Barbara Broccoli. I find this quote exceptionally interesting:

Well, I have to say, it was a very painful time when we decided to make Casino Royale, because it meant that we couldn’t hire an actor who had already played the role and that was very painful for Pierce, and it was also very difficult for us, because we had such a great relationship with him and he’d made the most successful of the films in the series

If you read a newspaper at all last year, you know that Brosnan was enraged, and spewed all over the press. So there’s something off about her saying how painful it was for her not to be able to have him do the role. The word disingenous leaps to mind.

Anyway, there’s a lengthy excerpt plus a link to the full audio interview. Check it out.


4 Responses to “Interview with Barbara Broccoli”

  1. The above quote says it was a painful *time* but painful for *Pierce* and *difficult* for her… I can see why having your star going nova would be difficult.

  2. It must have been quite a decision to drop PB. I am thinking it was one of those things that both parties set in motion and then couldn’t stop. Which usually points to money. With no PB, EON almost had to “reboot”, no? And they couldn’t turn around and offer some big name mega bucks and points after fighting off PB on just that issue. So they look for a good relatively unknown actor and hope for the best. And it worked out better than I’ll bet was in her wildest dreams.
    All that being said, despite the prevaliling anti-PB sentiment on the various message boards, I think the 4 PB movies are exciting even if heavy on the machine gun stuff. Hey, in the embassy scene and in the sinking Venice house, DC gets quite a lot of lead shot his way with nary a hit. PB gets heat for this but I say its standard action movie stuff in today’s world.

  3. Boromir006 Says:

    Who knows where the truth lies. Somewhere in the middle, most likely. I mean, these are two people (three if you include Michael G.) who have made each other very, very wealthy over the last ten years and probably shouldn’t really be bitching about anything. Certainly both sides could have comported themselves better.

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Butterfly, I imagine that’s more or less how it went. And I agree that Brosnan made very fine movies. I adore GE, and I like DAD better than most fans. The only Brosnan I don’t like is TWINE, and it’s not his fault at all.

    Boromir, you make a very good point.

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