Timothy Dalton Lovers, Take Heart

Nice article in Vue Weekly about Dalton’s tenure as Bond, with a great opening line:

Don’t believe me; Daniel Craig said it too: “Timothy Dalton was great in the part.”

Now, here’s an author after my own heart, who talks about Dalton’s gravitas, his love scenes, and his edginess.

As Bond, Timothy Dalton actually looks like a professional secret agent who could kill someone when the circumstances dictate it.

It is a pleasure to see articles like this, because we Dalton fans are too often made to stand in the corner.


One Response to “Timothy Dalton Lovers, Take Heart”

  1. TD was great in TLD. I just got UE volumes 2&4 for Valentines Day (smile) so I can finally see LTK and see what all the fuss is about.

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