The feeling is mutual

The other day I reported that Daniel Craig thought Timothy Dalton was an excellent Bond. Today we learn that Dalton feels the same way about Craig.


You know, the question I am asked the most, and the question I hate the most, is “Who’s your favorite Bond?” Because four of the six are absolutely fantastic. I don’t like Lazenby, and Moore did some things well but other things very poorly, but I always feel terrible when I choose Connery over Brosnan, or Dalton over Craig. I mean, I love these men.

When it comes to James Bond, I am definitely not monogamous.


8 Responses to “The feeling is mutual”

  1. I think yours is the prevaling (and wise) view. I know there are strident anti Brosnan camps out there, just as there are those who would put Craig on top after just one movie. And as time fades Connery’s contribution tends to fade in some minds. For me:
    1. Connery–he came first and had 3 classics;
    2. Brosnan–4 exciting movies, edges out
    3. Dalton–only because TD only made 2 movies. Which is why I must drop
    4. Craig–down the list, subject to a quick bump if 22 is as good as CR;
    5. Moore–Ironic, the Bond of most of the movies is my least favorite of the biggies; and
    6. Lazenby–never got a chance.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    That’s probably as accurate and objective a list as anyone could ask for. In my book, I go into more details about pluses and minuses and characteristics of each.

    Dalton’s worst trait, and the reason he really deserves third place, is that he wears clothes poorly. In fact, John Glen says he had his suits cut wider, because he wanted more freedom of movement. The clothes never looked elegant on him, and in LTK he had the dreadful vampiric haircut.

    But even though TD is #3, he is the one I would most want to sleep with (Bond era, that is).

  3. Boromir006 Says:

    I’ll admit it, Dalton is not anywhere near my favorite. But I think he was let down by his collaborators on Bond – the direction (in both films, man how I loathe John Glen’s damned pigeons and the constant cutting to slack-jawed onlookers during stunt scenes) and the cheap, overly-American feel of LTK. Daniel Craig really did get the best of the best for his first outing.

  4. Well I watched LTK for the first time this weekend and it was a mixed bag for sure. But a good movie. Dalton would have been excellent in the PB movies I think. He had a nice smile when he wanted to, deep voice, could do the anger thing as well as DC. The difference between TLD and LTK is striking.

  5. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Yes, the two films are remarkably different. I do think Dalton would have rocked in GoldenEye, but alas.

  6. Joe Bond Says:

    If I had to rank:

    1. Roger Moore (the most entertaining)
    2. Sean Connery (the original, was in the best Bond film era)
    3. Daniel Craig (will be #1, a man’s man for the 21st century)
    4. Pierce Brosnan (had poor scripts, yet was a dervish in his films)
    5. George Lazenby (I like Georgie, was excellent in some parts, poor in others)
    6. Timothy Dalton (I like Tim, but I think he overacted and didn’t use his charm)

  7. Deborah Lipp Says:

    My current thoughts are:

    1. Connery—extra points for creating the role, feral, graceful, hard, yet with a light touch
    2. Brosnan—so complex, physically fit, convincing in a fight, with a lot of Connery’s masculinity and a lot of Moore’s lightness.
    3. Craig—Great performance, brutal and bloody, yet vulnerable. Maybe the best single performance in a Bond film, but I’d like to see him in two before I decide it’s his portrayal of Bond and not a confluence of other elements.
    4. Dalton—Very edgy, very sexy, very romantic, very much Fleming’s Bond.
    5. Moore—A Classy guy and a great humanitarian, but not my idea of Bond.
    6. Lazenby—Weakest by far.

  8. Ah yes, now you have reminded me. You made an interesting comment on how Brosnan runs — WOW! How true. So graceful. Personally, many of those I write to about Bond knock Brosnan for being a nancy boy. It is my opinion, however, that he is quite athletic looking (the fact that he does it so well in a Brioni just adds to the flair). His fight scenes weren’t Connery or Craig, but good enough. His was generally very fit, and of course, he runs like the wind. Good call!

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