Bond Goes Indian

No, not an Octopussy remake. The Yeovil Express reports that a James Bond spoof called Jai Bindi: Secret Agent is in the works.

I find it extremely amusing that Bollywood actor Gulshan Grover is supposedly tied to this project. Grover managed to get himself a reputation worthy of ridicule by putting out all manner of press releases tying himself to Casino Royale. He’s one of the “funny rumors” of Bond fandom, along the lines of “Icebreaker” as the next title or Sean Connery returning as Bond’s father or as a villain. Yeahrightsure.

The plot is simple: Bindi, a struggling actor and massive James Bond fan, is convinced by MI6 and the Indian Intelligence Agency Bluebird, to stand in for one of their agents who has been killed trying to save the world from evil megalomaniac St John Smythe.

But the novice Clouseau-esque “agent” mistakenly thinks he has landed himself the main part in a new “reality film”.

Believing that he can’t get shot, Bindi is unaware that the fate of the world does actually rest on his shoulders.

Rumor also has Roger Moore tied to this film. Another one for which it would be hazardous to hold one’s breath.


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