Roger Michell turns down Bond 22

This is an odd story. Moviehole is reporting that Roger Michell (director of Notting Hill and the Daniel Craig movie Enduring Love) has turned down the director’s chair for Bond 22.

“We couldn’t find a way of making us all happy with the script. It’s been through various drafts, but I just decided to say no before I got too far into it”, Michell says. “As far as I know, it’s absolutely up for grabs at the moment”.

I think the weirdest part is that, two years ahead of time, the script is firm enough to be worth rejecting. That’s just…off.

The other weird part is this quote:

but despite the fact that he would’ve liked to have worked with his old friend, Daniel Craig

Well, yeah, except they have worked together. Maybe it’s just poorly written. The article is so choppy that half the time I couldn’t tell if they were talking about CR or Bond 22. Or maybe it’s just unreliable. Too soon to tell.


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