Happy Birthday Daniel Craig

Turns 39 today, March 2, 2007.

Birthday beefcake!


3 Responses to “Happy Birthday Daniel Craig”

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  2. Butterfly Says:

    DC looks quite good for his age. Here’s my take on the question of Bond’s age: the “real Bond”, e.g., not the actor playing him, should be in the 25-35 range. Not so young as to be a “kid”, but in his physical prime. Once you hit the big 40, hearing and eyesight start to weaken, and Bond needs full command of these senses. In addition, to be able to physically take on all the henchmen, Bond needs to be at his physical peak, which for athletes in many sports occurs around 27-29.
    As to the actors, I think most would agree that Roger Moore’s 58 in AVTAK was WAY too old. I think Pierce pushed 50 at the end, but he wore it well. I think Connery was in his late 20s in DN, but he always looked old to me. Dalton was kind of ageless. Lazenby was 29 I think in OHMSS, and he looked just right. In his shape, Craig should look fine for the remainder of his contract.

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Fleming always had Bond as between 36—42, which he fudged a bit to make Bond’s career stretch for the duration of the books. The idea was to have him be experienced and weathered.

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