Another index excerpt

I think these excerpts are fun, and give you a feel for the book, while being appealingly random. But maybe I’m the only one who thinks that. If you’re enjoying these excerpts, let me know.

credit card
Crichton, Michael
cross-country (see Sports)
Crow, Sheryl (see Musicians)
crown jewels
Cucinotta, Maria Grazia (see Enemies, Actors)
Cummings, Alan (see Enemies, Actors)
Cummings, Sir Mansfield
curling (see Sports)
d’Abo, Maryam (see Bond Girls, Actors)
Dahl, Bibi (see Bond Girls, Characters)
Dalton, Timothy
dam jump
Dances With Wolves
dandelion salad (see Food)
Dario (see Enemies, Characters)
dates (see Food)
Davi, Robert (see Enemies, Actors)
Davis, Sammy Jr.


2 Responses to “Another index excerpt”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    Like the indexes…keep them coming. I usually “get” all of them. Dances with Wolves will have me scouring the book though.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I absolutely adore the odd entries, like “cyanide” and “credit card.” These were the fun part of creating the index, which was the most labor-intensive part of writing the book.

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