The Face of Fleming’s Bond

Here’s a fascinating article!

To discover exactly how the author, Ian Fleming, envisaged his hero, Prof Rob Jenkins, of the University of Glasgow, and Prof Richard Wiseman, of the University of Hertfordshire, have employed a technique known as prototyping…

In 1961 Fleming listed several Hollywood actors that he thought had the right facial characteristics to play Bond.

Prof Jenkins tracked down images of these actors – Cary Grant, David Niven, James Mason, Patrick McGoohan, Rex Harrison, Richard Burton and Stewart Granger – and used sophisticated software to blend them into a single composite.

Composite Bond
There are several interesting things here. First, The Telegraph says that the composite Bond looks like Sean Connery, whereas the Australian claims he looks like George Lazenby (who is, of course, Australian). Life Style Extra and most other sources agree that this is a Connery-like face.

Second, I’m not sure I like the premise. Ian Fleming didn’t say, in 1961, that these were the men who most resembled the Bond he envisioned. (David Niven and Cary Grant can’t possibly both look like any image, anywhere. Ever.)


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