Ages of Bond

Here’s some interesting stuff, inspired by a comments conversation with Buttrfly.

Ian Fleming wrote Bond to be roughly 36—42; he would stretch and fudge Bond’s age a bit, as the book series lasted longer than Fleming anticipated, and he didn’t want to age his character too much. He wanted a somewhat grizzled, world-weary spy, not a young hotshot. In the books, Bond is often weary and cynical. On the positive side, he draws on a rich history of past missions. A younger man couldn’t do that.

Here are the ages of the men who’ve played Bond:

  • When Sean Connery first played James Bond, he was 32 (and already wearing a toupee). For his last outing as Bond, in NSNA, he was 53.
  • Lazenby‘s one Bond outing was at the age of 29 or 30.
  • Roger Moore began playing Bond at age 36. Three years older than Connery, he looked significantly younger in 1973. By the time of AVTAK, his last Bond, he was 57 and looked every day of it.
  • Dalton was offered the role in 1969 and turned it down before it went to Lazenby. Had he taken the role, he’d have been 24 or 25; he felt he was too young. When he at last played Bond, he was 43. For LTK he was 45.
  • Brosnan took the role at age 42, and played it until age 49.
  • Daniel Craig made CR at age 38.

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