Ford Sells Aston Martin (This time fer sher, Rocky!)

After a false start, Ford has succeeded in closing the deal on Aston Martin.

Aston Martin now will be run by a consortium of investors, including racing mogul David Richards, car collector John Sinders and the Kuwaiti companies Investment Dar and Adeem Investment Co.

Ford officials announced the sale Monday at Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, England. Ford will receive $848 million and retain a $77 million stake in the company. The companies placed the total value of the deal at $925 million.

Dearborn-based Ford, which lost $12.7 billion last year and expects red ink to continue until 2009, put Aston Martin up for sale last August. It had acquired control of the brand two decades ago and owned it outright since 1994.

A lot of Bond fans have long felt that Aston Martin “should” be British, just as Bond should be. (Here’s an example of that sentiment.) Of course, corporations don’t run like that, but it does feel nice in a funny way.


3 Responses to “Ford Sells Aston Martin (This time fer sher, Rocky!)”

  1. Ford announces sale of Aston Martin

    Ford officials have earlier announced the sale at Aston Martins headquarters in Gaydon, England. The sale is expected to close in the second quarter, and Ford will retain a $77 million stake in the sports car maker.

  2. Yup. Aston is ‘British’ again.

    All is not how it seems tho is it?

    “corporations don’t run like that”… Now thats a very interesting point… 😉

  3. […] studio at Pinewood has some of the “keeping the British end up” sentiment of having the Aston Martin be British-made. I must admit, it’s hard to think of a Bond film that rejects Pinewood as a […]

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