Studying Casino Royale

Having bought my DVD, I am now studying Casino Royale in minute detail in order to prepare the chapter for a future printing. It is labor-intensive and not a fun way to watch a movie. The first run-through took about three hours, and then I went back last night and watched specific scenes in slo-mo to double check things I wasn’t sure of.

Anyway, I’ve found two goofs that no one else has. IMDb doesn’t have ’em. Movie Mistakes doesn’t have ’em. And I’m. Not. Telling.



13 Responses to “Studying Casino Royale”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    I’ve often wondered about those continuity mistakes like where Bond is wearing a certain watch, then a moment later a different watch. It must be complex shooting and editing a movie with lots of different takes from different days…weird.
    I have only had time watch CR on dvd about half way. I’ll try and get time to make it all the way through tonight, or certainly friday.
    Just wondering, is the movie getting better, staying the same or getting worse IYO with repeated viewing? I would expect the initial buzz of the theatre to wear off.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Actually, it gets better with repeat viewings. First, because it’s pretty deep in terms of the actor’s character work. Eva Green is fascinating to watch once you know how it ends. Second, because the one scene I thought was too big, too explosive, too overwhelming was the airport scene, and it’s perfectly right-sized on a tv screen.

    And it’s also pretty well-made; there are very few continuity goofs. Campbell talks on the DVD extras about how hard that was, and I think his extra effort was worthwhile.

  3. Butterfly Says:

    Couple of things strike me about the ending. First, Aston Martin’s don’t come equipped with air bags apparently. Maybe thats a US only thing.
    Also, I know its only a movie, but where was Leiter and the CIA at the end? They were going to take Le Chiffre in, but instead he, along with his girlfriend and two henchman walk out of the front of the hotel, kidnapping a British Treasury agent practically in the lobby. Wonder if they bothered to check out?

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The question about Leiter is a good one. In the book, he goes looking for Bond when he realizes he’s missing, but doesn’t find him in time. I think Leiter should have been there in the hospital scene to establish that he was still a part of the mission; surely, having put 5 million into the pot, the CIA is interested in what happened!

    The Aston Martin does indeed come with airbags. I guess they don’t look too good on film, or maybe they were removed to make room for some rockets or something we’ll see in a future movie.

  5. Joe Bond Says:

    With respect to the AM. Considering the motion of the vehicle, and the fact there was no front collision, it is unlikely any airbags would have deployed.

  6. Deborah Lipp Says:

    By the way, it speaks very well of the AM that the f/x crew couldn’t make it roll with ramps and crazy driving. They needed the air cannon to get it to roll because the vehicle is stable and hugs the ground.

  7. Butterfly Says:

    Wow, I had assumed the AM crash scene was CGI. Hope there was no stunt driver in the car during the roll over.

    As to the other I totally agree they needed to have Leiter in a later scene rather than having the CIA drop off the map. Leiter says the CIA gets to bring him in when he says “Does it look like we need the money?”, which when I heard that, thought, well yes, we do thank you very much.

  8. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Leiter can afford to be profligate with his government’s money. Probably saves him paperwork, and makes it easier for the two governments to cooperate. His boss might object, but he’s far away.

    The AM roll set a new world record for number of cannon-assisted rolls (7). I’m guessing there had to be a stunt driver, but they love that stuff. If you look at any of the videos of stuntmen talking about their work, it’s like, “DAMN, I hope the first take doesn’t work, I want to do it AGAIN.”

  9. Oh goodie, I love reading about and discovering bloopers!!

    I must offer you my congratulations on putting out such a finely detailed and comprehensive but fun book! I took me a little while here in Canada to obtain it, but when I finally did a couple of weeks ago, I haven’t put it down since! The most enjoyable read I’ve had in a long time!

    When do you anticipate putting out the next edition? Following your review of CR, or will you wait for more new Bond flicks to hit the screen? Either way, I’ll look forward to it!

    Thanks again!!

  10. Thank you for your kind words.

    We are holding back the new edition because the stores are well-stocked. Essentially, if you put out a new edition, they return all the old ones.

    But I have finished writing it, and it will be available before long. Certainly for this year’s holiday season, so well before the next movie.

    We’re going to keep it in print forever, I hope, and continually update it.

  11. Casino Royale is possibly my favorite bond movie yet, (Tied with From Russia With Love)

  12. Flapflop Says:

    I saw CR again and i noticed this time that all Bond’s cars are have the driver seat the European way: driver is sitting on the left (from the point of view inside the car), including the Aston Martin DB5 wich in the older movies was steered the British way: on the right

  13. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I noticed that as well, Flapflop, and I have no idea why it was done.

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