Scarring in Casino Royale

The other day I blogged about Le Chiffre’s scar and blood-tears. But I failed to point out that there are actually three scarred villains in Casino Royale, which I think is very cool and very Flemingesque.

Le Chiffre: Scar across one side of his face. Weeps blood. Inhaler.

Mollaka: (The guy Bond chases at the construction site.) Burn scars over half his face. This is exceptionally sinister because it implies he got these scars in his occupation as a bomb-maker. Fleming liked to associate scars with being sinister in this sort of way.

Gettler: Part of White’s organization, Gittler has one side of his glasses blacked out. In the novel, Gittler has a screw-in monocle eyepatch. Clearly, this is a variation on that and a nod to the book. Extra-cool that only hardcore fans of the book would notice, but they went to the trouble anyway.

Great Bond movies need villains, allies, and girls. This is just a sampling of the exceptional villains in Casino Royale, and part of why I love this movie.


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