Changing Your Name to James Bond

You know, some people (mostly relatives) have made fun of me for being so obsessed with the Bond movies, writing a book, and now maintaining a blog. I can tie any conversation back to the Bond films (but am discouraged from doing so). I have done radio appearances where I was asked to answer Bond trivia every few seconds, snap snap snap, and succeeded. So I understand obsession.

But this is going kind of far.

James Bond is alive and well and living in the south east of Sweden. Or at least his namesake is.

Schäfer, Gunnar Schäfer has just been given the all clear from the tax board to make some alterations to his name.

He may now officially refer himself as Nils Gunnar Bond James Schäfer. Or Bond, James Bond for short.

The story goes on to discuss Schäfer’s lifelong Bond obsession, and how his own father was a secret agent.

“‘Goldfinger’ helped me to get on with my life and it brought me closer to my father,” he said.

The new “James Bond” also has a website (in Swedish).


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