Henchmen Countdown: #3

(Excerpted from The Ultimate James Bond Fan Book)

3. Oddjob, Goldfinger

Oddjob was the first really weird henchman, the first to make us say, “What the…?” Like Jaws, he has a comical quality, but he is ultimately too deadly to laugh at. Harold Sakata’s gleeful devotion to Goldfinger and to killing are amazing—even Kisch thinks he’s crazy to evince such loyalty.

I think Oddjob is a major part of what made Goldfinger the phenomenon it was and is. Surely Auric Goldfinger is among the greatest of villains, but without his deadly sidekick, he would not be as strong or as memorable.


2 Responses to “Henchmen Countdown: #3”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    Good choice. Despite my initial reaction (negative) to reading Fleming’s Casino Royale, I have decided to plow on with the rest of the novels. I am glad I did, and it turns out Goldfinger is one of my faves. The reason I bring it up here is that the Oddjob in the book is much more menacing than in the film and is almost a terminator-ish bad, bad dude. BTW, the villans in the books generally tend to be more menacing than portrayed in the films.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The villains in the books tend to be more grotesque and creepy as well; strong element of horror in the writing.

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