James Bond on House

One of my favorite shows is House, which is on Tuesday nights. So tonight, the patient is having TIAs, and one of her first symptoms is the inability to make decisions. First, she can’t decide whether to sign a consent form. Then House starts testing her; “Do you want a pencil or a pen?” No answer. “Who’s a better James Bond, Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?” No answer. “Come on, that’s not even a decision!”



2 Responses to “James Bond on House”

  1. UNCLEagent Says:

    I saw that and cracked up!

    Question is – what is the correct answer? 😛

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    House is extremely uncomfortable with change. Therefore, he has been saying Sean Connery since the 1960s and will never change.

    Funny thing is, I’ve been rewatching season 6 Buffy, which is when the nerds do all the Bond references, and that’s fun. When House opened his mouth and said “Sean Connery or…” I fully expected to hear “Roger Moore.” Shows how much DC changed things.

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