Latest Bond Girl Rumor

Here’s another whacky rumor, courtesty of Flapflop.
Whacky Rumor Girl

Carice van Houten, 31 year old Dutch actress, is the latest name tossed on the Bond Girl fire. As usual, it’s sourced only in a Dutch newspaper, which is clearly using this “rumor” to put the actress’s face on the radar. Keep in mind that no casting will be done without more of a script. Oh, sure, there’s sort of a script, but it’ll be six months before we should give even slight weight to any of these rumors.

Especially since the story Flapflop cites (give us links next time, please!) gets the year of release wrong. Not a small error!


5 Responses to “Latest Bond Girl Rumor”

  1. Boromir006 Says:

    How long before Aishwarya Rai drops into the mix again?

  2. flapflop Says:

    sorry, i will do that next time

  3. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I think the whole thing with Richard Gere being threatened with arrest for kissing an Indian co-star has probably buried the Aishwarya Rai thing permanently.

  4. […] denies the Clarice Van Houten rumor. and also denies that Bond 22 will be humorous in […]

  5. […] by Deborah Lipp on January 10, 2008 …and now I have to say, despite the fact that the Carice van Houten rumors were always wacky, I understand why they appealed to people. Van Houten has a dark, vulnerable […]

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