James Bond and Cocktails

Today’s MSN has a nice article on how to order a cocktail. Of course, there is no such thing as an article about cocktails that doesn’t mention Bond. This one’s title is “Forget James Bond.”

It’s interesting that people say Bond is passé and all that nonsense, yet are incapable of forming an actual thought about martinis without thinking of him.

Other than the title, here’s the obligatory Bond mention:

James Bond has a lot to answer for—he popularized the myth that you should order the same drink no matter where you are. (And anyway, martinis are better stirred and with gin.)

To be precise, Bond movies popularized that myth, and not right away. Bond drank vodka martinis from the first film, but also favored local specialties; bourbon and branch water in Kentucky, sake in Japan, raki in Istanbul.

Your best source for what Bond drinks on film and between the pages is Atomic Martinis.

As to the “shaken, not stirred” thing, I’ve addressed that here.


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