Ultimate Edition DVDs

Via CommanderBond.net, Cinema Retro has published this absolutely fantastic review of the new “Ultimate Edition” James Bond DVD sets, by none other than Bond authro Raymond Benson. It’s a thorough and opinionated review, with wonderful illustrations.

From a consumer point of view, the American releases are too expensive and marketed in such a way that is unfair to the casual fan. By grouping five films from different Bond eras into one volume and splitting the series into four volumes, 20th Century Fox and MGM Home Video have forced the fans to buy all four box sets in order to have, say, all the Sean Connery films or all the Pierce Brosnan films. There is no way to buy the titles individually (you can, but the single releases do not include each film’s second disk of bonus material). This seems to me to be a calculated manipulation to force the consumer to spend the maximum amount of money in order to collect select, favorite titles. For films that have already been released on DVD, this marketing approach is callous. I could be wrong, but it seems that this packaging concept would dissuade casual parties from buying the sets. It wouldn’t be so annoying if the retail price tags for the sets were not so high. They become much better deals at half that figure, and more in keeping to the cost of re-released titles made by other studios.

That said, I will admit that the new DVDs benefit from breathtakingly good transfers. The remastering is exquisite. Each film, especially the older ones, look as if they had just been released. The process is discussed in a bonus feature on the Dr. No disk, and Lowery Digital is to be commended for the work performed.

Read the whole thing.


2 Responses to “Ultimate Edition DVDs”

  1. Butterfly Says:

    I’m glad I read it. I have all the UEs but have not watched any of the second discs. I fell like I am wasting half of the set, but the titles seem so dry. This may give me the inspitation to pop a couple in and try them out–at the very least for when I am on the treadmill (I’ll get into almost anything then).

  2. […] article is unclear, but it seems they’re referring to the new Ultimate Edition DVDs. Most of the Special Edition DVD extras (for the first 16 movies, anyway) were created by Bond […]

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