Repeated Rumors: Visnjic and Olsen

Hollywood News is repeating the Olsen Twins tale, and throwing Goran Visnjic into the mix.

here’s the report as posted on gossip website

“Introducing the new Bond Girls: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen! One of the producers (who happens to be a female) of Daniel Craig’s next James Bond movie is very impressed with Ashley and Mary-Kate and really wants them in the 22nd 007 movie scheduled to start filming in 2008. The Olsens would be the first set of Bond twins. The producer is making the offer as appealing to the girls as possible – there will be no nudity or sex scenes. And the twins will play good girls – not villains. (ER’s Goran Visnjic is set to play a villain) The Olsens are seriously considering the offer.”

Sexy guy
I have several responses to this. First, “One of the producers (who happens to be female)” sounds like some kind of sexist shot at Barbara Broccoli. Like because she has girl parts she is automatically susceptible to the tween-girl marketing appeal of the Olsens. Puh-leeze.

Second, they destroy any tiny credibility the rumor had by banging the drum about making it appealing. No nudity? Like there ever is in a Bond flick? Come on!

As to Visnjic, turns out that he really was in contention for Bond; it wasn’t just a rumor. Which makes it doubtful, in my mind, that he’ll turn around and play a villain. But again, Celebitchy bangs the drum too hard. Visnjic might be on a short list or something, but he certainly isn’t “set” to play the villain.

So my careful conclusion after extensive analysis? These people are donut holes.


2 Responses to “Repeated Rumors: Visnjic and Olsen”

  1. wriggles Says:

    The Olsen Twins idea could only work if they appeared really good and nice, but were completely bad and wicked, not evil,just wicked. The conceit is do they know that they are wrong’uns? And when/if they find out etc., etc., It’s not original, but fresh enough to work if handled with skill.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    It’s Bibi Dahl redux.

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