For the DVD “extras” enthusiast

Here’s an article about David Naylor, creator of DVD features, featurettes, and bonus materials.

It was when he directed a Fox TV special with Elizabeth Hurley called “The World of James Bond” that he caught the attention of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Inc., which hired him to co-produce “The James Bond Collection.” The set includes about 20 feature-length commentary tracks and documentaries on the making of 13 Bond films, from “Dr. No” to “License to Kill.” Naylor counts spending the day with Roger Moore in Monte Carlo among the highlights of his career. “He was a great raconteur,” Naylor said.

This article is unclear, but it seems they’re referring to the new Ultimate Edition DVDs. Most of the Special Edition DVD extras (for the first 16 movies, anyway) were created by Bond author and expert John Cork. I haven’t seen the Ultimate Edition DVDs (and therefore the Naylor features) yet, but the Cork features on the first 16 Bond movies, (up to and including Licence to Kill) are outstanding.


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