Most Powerful Film Franchises

Neil Miller of Film School Rejects has written an article on “The Ten Most Powerful Movie Franchises in History.”

how do you say what is the most powerful movie franchise in history? Is it the one that has grossed the most money at the box office? Is it the franchise with the most longevity? Is it the one with the most marketing prowess or the largest fanbase? I say it is a combination of all of these things; the cult followings, the major blockbuster releases and yes, even the marketability play a part. When these franchises crank out a new film, fans storm the gates, camp out and sacrifice members of their families to be the first to behold their favorite characters on the big screen.

The list places James Bond at #2, behind Star Wars. Because, I guess, intense geeky devotion (the “camping out” factor defined above) trumps total gross (Bond is the highest grossing franchise in film history), number of films, longevity, or quality of films (the author admits that three of the Star Wars films are weak; that’s half).

Yep, I disagree.

They also put up a poll so you can vote for your favorite. Guess who I voted for?


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