Identifying with Bond characters

On various Bond message boards, I use the screenname Kara Milovy. I love Kara, she’s a favorite Bond girl, and I love her romance with Bond. The scene on the Prater Wheel is a pure swoon, and perhaps the one I most readily picture as being me up there on screen with Bond.

But I am nothing like Kara. She is innocent and naive. Not me. She is a musician. Not me.

It is tempting to identify with Solitaire, because I am a Tarot reader. I have read the cards for most of my life and I’m really quite good at it. I own a reproduction of the deck that Solitaire uses, although that’s just for fun; I don’t actually use it. Fergus Hall Tarot

But if I were to be truthful, the Bond girl I relate to most is…well…this is rather embarrassing.

The Bond girl I relate to most is Mary Goodnight. She’s sweet. She’s ditzy. She gets herself into trouble by being clumsy and jumping to conclusions. She’s “weak.” She can’t hold back from throwing herself at the man she digs, even though she knows better. She tries to be cool but she transparently fails. She’s just…me.

So not cool.


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