Ass-Kicking Bond Girls

As a sort of a follow-up to the Action Heroine Blogathon, and in my never-ending quest to afford Bond Girls the respect they deserve, my list herewith of truly ass-kicking Bond girls; the ones who put the “action” into action movies.

The 1960s

  • Rosa Klebb: Neither a true “Bond girl” nor a heroine, she was definitely a thrilling action villain, brass knuckles, poisoned shoe, and all.
  • Pussy Galore: The first really action-oriented action heroine in a Bond film, she knocked Bond flat on his ass twice.
  • Domino Derval: A damsel in distress for most of the film, it is she, not Bond, who kills the villain.
  • Aki: One of my favorite Bond girls, she leads Bond on a merry chase through Tokyo, and gets the better of him when he goes down the rabbit hole.
  • Kissy: In my opinion, Aki shouldn’t have been killed off; Kissy sort of takes over her role.

The 1970s

  • Bambi and Thumper: Really thumped. Seriously, they should have won, they totally had Bond outclassed.
  • Anya Amasova: Top KGB agent, we didn’t see her fight much, but Bond respected her abilities.

The 1980s

  • Melina Havelock: Killer with a crossbow.
  • Octopussy: Not really an ass-kicker in the sense of, y’know, kicking anyone’s asses, she was still a criminal mastermind, an attitudinal adversary, and she ran a circus, too!
  • Magda: Just ’cause of the escape out the window thing.
  • May Day: Hello! May Day! Scary, weird, totally demands the submission of the villain, the hero, and the audience.
  • Pam Bouvier: Not one of my favorites, but decidedly tough.


  • Natalya Simonova: The escapes, the gun, the attitude
  • Xenia Onatopp: Let’s get real. If this isn’t action, what is?
  • Colonel Wai Lin: Oh, I see. This is. Definitely the actionest action heroine of all Bond heroines, she goes up a wall for Chrissakes!

The Double-0s

  • Jinx Johnson: Runs, dives, fires a gun, all thanks to the wonders of CGI.
  • Miranda Frost: Olympic fencer and double-agent, ass-kicker, bitch.

6 Responses to “Ass-Kicking Bond Girls”

  1. Rosie Powell Says:

    Jinx Johnson: Runs, dives, fires a gun, all thanks to the wonders of CGI.

    Why did you have to attribute Jinx’s actions to CGI? I think that was pretty shitty of you. Why not Miranda Frost? Or do you have a problem with an African-American action woman as a leading Bond girl?

  2. thanks for this list. very cool

  3. John khany Says:

    No Rosie sweety….He has a problem with halle Berry.

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Rosie and John, I don’t have a problem with African-American action women or Halle Berry. I have a problem with CGI in place of real action. Jinx’s dive was CGI. Jinx’s running was faked because Berry couldn’t keep up with Brosnan. Jinx’s use of a gun was unconvincing and amateurish.

    Were this a post about CGI action instead of about action women, I’d have also cited Brosnan’s pathetic CGI stunts (specifically the “parasurfing”). DAD was very bad in that respect.

    John, I’m a woman. That’s why I use the name Deborah. It would be a silly name for a man.

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