Literary Bond Girls

Coincidence? Synchronicity? The blog Dollymix has posted an interesting article on Ian Fleming’s Bond Girls.

Let’s take Pussy Galore, for example. Roll in the hay? No way; she’s actually the lesbian leader of a band of tough, Mafioso bitches. Casino Royale’s Vesper Lynd is a dangerous double agent; she may fall for Bond, but he’s the one who is left scarred and vowing not to trust women. And let us not forget the touching love story behind On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Thanks to George Lazenby’s unpopular performance, the story of Bond’s marriage and complete surrender to an intelligent woman who is tough without being either harsh or hapless is less well known than his numerous conquests

I’ll take issue with the author’s contention that Fleming’s women are tough, but the film versions are “simpering.” Just last week, I celebrated the joy of Ass-Kicking (movie) Bond Girls. Almost all of the cinematic simpering was confined to the Roger Moore era; he played opposite certified simperers such as Solitaire, Mary Goodnight, Andrea Anders, and Bibi Dahl. But even Moore had Anya Amasova and Melina Havelock.

Author Alex Roumbas also dismisses Tracy DiVincenzo out of hand because she dislikes George Lazenby. And hey, so do I (as an actor; he’s a great guy). But Diana Rigg kicked major ass in the role and is the single most popular Bond girl among fans.


2 Responses to “Literary Bond Girls”

  1. Now now, I didn’t say that… I said that she is unfortunately overlooked due to the unpopularity of Lazenby as a performer. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is actually my favourite of the books.

    Nonetheless it’s nice to have someone arguing with me online!


  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Interesting. Now I don’t think she’s overlooked, she comes out on most surveys as the #1 Bond girl.

    One thing that you may find interesting, Alex, is that when I collated survey information for my book, I looked at hardcore Bond fan data and general movie fan data separately. Most things come out more or less the same, but OHMSS gets widely different response, coming out very low on movie fan surveys, and #1 on Bond fan surveys.

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