Amy Winehouse dominates the Bond rumor mill

Okay, okay, I get it. Cover of the Rolling Stone. All that. But Amy Winehouse just won’t leave the Bond rumor mill. When I check my newsfeed today, the two top stories are about her (two top Bond stories, that is).

First, this non-story that Shirley Bassey “backs” Winehouse to record the next Bond song. What does that even mean?

And then, a craptacular story that gets all of it wrong.

Amy Winehouse will not feature in the next James Bond film.

Last week, it emerged the singer, 23, was being considered to sing the theme song.

And now it’s been reported that the newly married diva was also offered a starring role.

‘Amy was asked last month if she’d like to appear in the next movie as a sexy singer in a plush bar that Bond goes undercover in,’ a source says.

‘Sadly she is too busy to commit to any new projects at the moment but was really annoyed about it.’

But that doesn’t mean the big-haired lass won’t be involved in future Bond films.

‘She didn’t want to rule it out completely – she’d love to do it one day,’ the source tells thelondonpaper.

Let’s see how many we can count. First, she has already denied having been offered a role. Second, the role described in this story is surely a cameo along the lines of Madonna as Verity, not a “starring role.” Also, the David Arnold story from last week specifically said she hadn’t been offered the song (yet).

And note that all of this is from “a source.” Not an “inside” source. Not a source “close to Winehouse” or “close to the Bond producers” or close to anything except the reporter’s imagination. Just “a source.”

Yeah, right.


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