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Pulling a Wheelie in Diamonds Are Forever

Posted in James Bond on July 31, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

The other day I posted a fun Bond Blooper clip, and Travis Yoder commented:

They forgot the most obvious one of all: In “Diamonds are Forever”, Bond ends the big Las Vegas strip car chase by turning down an alley and driving the left side of his car up a loading ramp so as to balance on the two right tires and squeeze through a narrow breezeway. When he comes out of it, the car is miraculously balanced on its left tires!

Travis is right, this is the most famous Bond blooper of them all. There’s an interesting story behind it, and kind of a double blooper.

When the scene was first filmed, it was filmed correctly; they went in on the right wheels, they came out on the right wheels. However, in the editing room, they found a crowd of gawkers visible in the background as the car comes out, so they needed to re-shoot. The main crew had already closed up shop in Vegas, so they sent a second unit out. When the footage came back: Blooper. So then they did an insert shot; you actually do see Bond yanking the wheel hard the other way, and Bond and Tiffany leaning first right, and then left, to justify the blooper.

Problem is, if they had the room to switch sides, why drive on two wheels in the first place? So the correction was as wrong as the original error.


Wow, big welcome back

Posted in Blogging on July 30, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Here I am back from vacation to find that Ultimate James Bond Fan Blog had its heaviest traffic day ever, and I wasn’t here to enjoy it!

I’ll be back blogging in force this week with more discussion topics to excite and amuse you (I hope)!

Bond bloopers

Posted in James Bond on July 26, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

I found this great video of Bond Bloopers. Only one of them (Thunderball) made it into my book. These are fun to watch.

Casino Royale in TV Guide (1954)

Posted in Casino Royale, James Bond on July 24, 2007 by Deborah Lipp has a great find. Click through to see Casino Royale in 1954 issues of TV Guide magazine; both first run and in summer re-runs.

Not sure the locality of channel 6 for CBS; here in the New York area it’s channel 2.

Ian Fleming would be ashamed of me

Posted in Food & Drink on July 22, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Premixed Cosmopolitans. Sounds like a sin, right? Well Chi-Chi’s makes ’em by the jug, and it turns out they’re quite tasty. A decent portion of vodka, not too sweet, very acceptable.

See, next week I’ll be going camping (and so don’t be shocked if the blog is inactive). And the coolest thing about the Chi-Chi’s Cosmo is it comes in a plastic bottle. Perfect for throwing into a cooler and hauling into the woods.

I suppose even Bond might be tempted if he had no refrigeration.

Bond Actors and Their Humor

Posted in James Bond on July 20, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

I got a great question from Rosie Powell:

Why does the media criticize Roger Moore for the numerous quips he utters in his Bond movies, when Sean Connery, George Lazenby and Pierce Brosnan have been equally guilty?

First of all, let’s agree that “guilty” is not quite the right word. There is nothing wrong with having humor in the Bond films. Even Casino Royale, among the darkest of Bond films, has “Do I look like I give a damn?” and “That’s because you know what I can do with my little finger.” Fans object when movies become silly and over the top, not when they have the occasional quip.

One of the things that gets Roger Moore singled out is he didn’t take the character seriously. He played the role tongue-in-cheek (as he acknowledged on more than one occasion). Now, if a serious guy gets in a serious fight, and at the end, pulls himself together and says “Shocking, positively shocking,” the audience can understand that as a tension-lightening moment. He eases the tension of the fight for himself and for us. He proves he’s cool. But when a silly guy gets in a silly fight and ends it with “Play it again, Sam,” he’s just proving he’s silly.

Moore’s humor was never balanced by a serious anything. He didn’t carry himself well in a fight, he didn’t throw a convincing punch, he couldn’t run at all, and he wore safari suits. On the rare occasion when he played the role seriously, he did quite well. There are fine scenes in TSWLM, FYEO, and Octopussy that attest to that.

Moore also carries the water because his movies had lots of silly flourishes besides the quips. He had double-taking pigeons, a “Bondola,” and cutesy musical references.

Roger Moore fans are the ones least likely to be happy with CR, or even with Timothy Dalton; they want a lighter Bond. So if he gets praised for the humorous version of Bond, it’s only fair he gets criticized for it as well.

Let’s look at the other actors, though. Connery is treated with great respect for creating the part, and being pretty damn brilliant, but most fans rake him over the coals for DAF. Now, I love DAF, but that’s a minority view.

Lazenby certainly doesn’t get the pass, but he only made one movie, and a lot of people (hardcore fans excepted) just don’t count him when talking about Bond.

Brosnan brought a lot of seriousness and drama to Bond, even though he quipped. I always felt like Brosnan was playing Bond as a man who joked in order to get through life. He just had to keep making the puns in order to keep going. He was intensely physical in the role; threw a great punch, ran like the wind. There was nothing fundamentally silly about his movies (except for the second half of DAD). So, like Connery, he’s treated seriously and criticized when the movies get jokey.

But Moore’s movies were all jokey, often excessively so, and that’s the bottom line.

Cinematical is Concerned

Posted in Quantum of Solace, Wacky Media with tags on July 19, 2007 by Deborah Lipp

Ryan Stewart of Cinematical is shocked…shocked, I say!…that James Bond fansites aren’t totally worked up about the humor thing.

I’m starting to wonder whether the two major James Bond fansites are steering clear of the current Bond issue — the increasingly likely notion that the producers of Bond 22 are intent on steering away from the hugely-successful tough, gritty Bond vibe of Casino Royale in favor of a quip circus, a la Roger Moore. After this was first reported in a British paper — not always the most reliable source of news — the guys at IGN did some digging and their source is confirming that this is a reality: the plan is to go more humorous this time around. So how come and Mi6 aren’t weighing in on this topic?

In comments, zencat of CBn points out it’s a non-story, while MI6’s David Lee points out that they did cover the story–on July 13—so what’s all this about non-coverage?