Don’t believe the latest Daniel Craig rumor

Entertainmentwise is “reporting” that Craig will make only one more Bond film and then quit.

The actor won critical plaudits in his debut Casino Royale – which has become the most successful Bond movie ever – but Craig says he doesn’t want to get type cast.

He tells The People, “I don’t just want to make spy films. I’ve never made movies for money.”

Craig is currently only signed up for new Bond, provisionally entitled ‘Risico’, and scheduled to start shooting later this year for a 2008 release.

There are three things wrong with this story:

1) Reliable sources have reported for months and months that Craig signed a three-picture deal.

2) The quote doesn’t seem new. In fact, it sounds exactly like what Craig was saying when he originally took the role back in 2005; that he cared more about script than about money, and that he wanted to make other films besides Bond (which he’s been doing with a vengence). Nothing in the quote indicates he’s quitting, all it’s really saying is he cares about things other than money and he wants variety in his career, both of which can remain true while he makes Bond films.

3) They’re quoting as “fact” the frequently-denied-but-refuses-to-die rumor about Risico being a working title. It. Will. Not. Happen. (a) It’s not that good a title, (b) Its’ been denied as recently as this year by Eon, (c) The short story “Risico” is contained entirely within the film For Your Eyes Only. Any source that believes this rumor has its head up its ass and should be laughed at with mocking derision. Like this:



3 Responses to “Don’t believe the latest Daniel Craig rumor”

  1. It IS a recent quote, but taken TOTALLY out of context. It’s from the excellent Craig interview in the July issue of Interview. If you read the actual quote, he says, “I don’t JUST want to make spy films.” How on EARTH did the tabloid where that originated interpret that to mean “I’m quitting after the next Bond”??? What he’s actually saying in the article is that he wants to do big Hollywood movies (including Bond) AND small independent films like “Flashbacks of A Fool.”

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Brisco, that’s exactly right. I didn’t realize it was a recent quote because he’s been saying this sort of thing all along. And his work in the past two years reflects that.

  3. james bond is dead long live jason bourne

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