Spectacular deaths

I’m interested in the subject of spectacular and unusual deaths in Bond movies. Sure, some people get shot or stabbed, but there are so many really gruesome, really fun deaths. Here’s a list that is probably not conclusive, but should whet your appetite. Feel free to add your own in comments.

  • Electrocuted
  • Blown out of an airplane
  • Dropped off the back of a jet
  • Impaled with a fishing speargun
  • Eaten by piranha
  • Set on fire and tossed into the ocean
  • Blown up with a gas pellet
  • Blown into space
  • Pushed off a cliff
  • Set on fire in the desert
  • Crushed by a satellite dish
  • Frozen in place
  • Strangled on a tree
  • Impaled on his own missile
  • Impaled by an ice chandelier
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