Lileks Review OHMSS

Here’s a fairly well-known and funny blogger’s review of OHMSS. It’s amusing; he’s not a hardcore Bond fan (he’s seeing OHMSS for the first time), but he does have a certain insight. (You have to scroll down to find the review.)

After he’s dropped the damp dame on the sand he introduces himself. Bond. James Bond. And there’s a horrible moment when it all just doesn’t work, because HE’S NOT SEAN CONNERY, and it’s almost an Uncanny Valley effect: he’s like a robot based on Sean Connery.

“Robot based on Sean Connery” is a funny line. But then…

It doesn’t matter whether he looks like Bond; in a sense, he does, just as much as he doesn’t. In fact those two reactions go at one another tooth-and-nail the minute you see him.. It doesn’t matter that the fight scenes are instantly more believable than anything else seen before, hyperkinetically edited, jerky and jarring. The audience has an instant infantile reaction: you’re not my daddy.

This is where I realized Lileks Has Issues. Because there is no “audience,” this is one guy alone with his DVD player. Talking about daddy. Uh-huh.

He’s dead right about the hated “This never happened to the other fellow.”

It doesn’t help that his line readings are poor. And this really, truly doesn’t help…He looks at us. As if to say: are we all okay with this? And he keeps looking at us…Stop it!

The review also uses screen shots to amusing effect. I won’t repeat them here. Go look.


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