I think about blogging

I have been elected as a “blog that makes you think” by Breakdown in the Fast Lane. Which tickles me all pink. The idea is you select Five Blogs That Make You Think and then each of those blogs selects five blogs, and pretty soon the whole world is thinking and holding hands and drinking Coke. Or something.

So here are my five:

Reappropriate: I don’t think I’d know anything much about how Asians perceive the portrayal of Asians in the media without this blog. Sometimes she says things I totally disagree with, but I enjoy the education.

Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed): This is a blog by a feminist comic fan, and again, it’s about thinking about how people are portrayed in a specific media and what that means. Which fascinates me.

Film Experience Blog: I love Nathaniel because he’s totally interested, y’know?

Jew Eat Yet? Interesting personal essays and interactions with the world.

Language Log: It’s a linguistic blog. Which sometimes makes me think harder than I actually want to think, but I like it.


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