Bond bloopers

I found this great video of Bond Bloopers. Only one of them (Thunderball) made it into my book. These are fun to watch.


6 Responses to “Bond bloopers”

  1. Even a James Bond Film Crew is not perfect ;-).
    In Casino Raoyal you can even see the Cameras in an auto door.

  2. Bob Poodleman Says:

    I can’t imagine someone who’s anal enough to sit down and put this together. Every Bond movie has technical goofs and flubs that are a lot more entertaining than these. For instance, there’s the very visible crane that lowers SPECTRE’s rocket into the volcano in YOLT (along with the wheels on the launch platform which turn in the wrong direction), or the bungee-jumping guy at the beginning of ‘Goldeneye’ who is very clearly NOT Pierce Brosnan. Contrast these and many other mistakes with the really boring stuff this guy seems to find so interesting.

  3. Sparkle Says:

    On a lighter note, they were great for a lunchtime grin. Thanks, Ultimate!

    Bob – if you have links to better Bond blooper clips, would love it if you would share! Anachronisms and other bloopers are SO much better appreciated visually rather than written.

  4. Travis Yoder Says:

    They forgot the most obvious one of all: In “Diamonds are Forever”, Bond ends the big Las Vegas strip car chase by turning down and alley and driving the left side of his car up a loading ramp so as to balance on the two right tires and squeeze through a narrow breezeway. When he comes out of it, the car is miraculously balanced on its left tires!

  5. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Bond bloopers (and bloopers in general) are a big hobby among some people. In my book I list my favorites per movie, trying to focus on the ones that were really funny or that were meaningful to the plot.

    Perhaps excerpts of those will be a future blog post.

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