Die Another Day: A filming of Moonraker

The movie Moonraker barely used anything from the novel by the same name. Pretty much all I can think of is the name of the villain and a plot involving a rocket launch. A shame too, since MR is one of Fleming’s best novels.

When I saw DAD in the theater the first time, I was delighted to note that it had strong elements of the original MR novel in it. This was hinted at during production, when Rosamund Pike’s character was announced as Gala Brand. But that could have been just the use of a previously unused character name, like Solange in CR. It was much more than that, though, and I was surprised that other Bond fans didn’t pick up on it right away. When Purvis and Wade admitted DAD was an adaptation of MR in a post-release interview, and other fans were surprised, I felt terribly smart.

In What Way is Die Another Day an Adaptation of Moonraker?

The following narrative applies to both:

The villain is someone who has recently arrived on the scene in England with a blank past. Having made himself famous for his philanthropy and risen among the British elite, he is about to donate a space-based devise to England for the good of the nation and the world. Secretly, though, he is a foreign national from an enemy nation. His blank past is a disguise, covering up his nefarious intentions. The space-based philanthropy is actually a weapon that will destroy England.

A British agent has been placed as a mole inside the villain’s operation, and Bond is sent in to provide further support and investigation. First, though, he meets the villain at the Blades club, where he discovers that the villain is not above cheating. This sharpens Bond’s distrust.


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