Shilpa Shetty joins the Bond Girl rumor bandwagon

U.K. gossip media is “reporting” that Bollywood star Shilpa Shetty is up for a Bond girl role in Bond 22.

Shetty, 32, has been described as the ‘perfect leading lady’ to square up against 007 and it has been reported the Celebrity Big Brother star is about to ‘seal the deal’.

Producers of the next flick, Bond 23, are desperately trying to sign her up because she sells out cinemas across Asia.

A source said: ‘Shilpa is having secret talks with the top brass who are working on the next movie.’

As far as they are concerned she has it all – she is beautiful, feisty and a great actress. But they also want someone who is a big star prior to the film, which Shilpa is.’

Have you ever noticed that producers are always “desperate” and talks are always “secret”?

Shilpa Shetty

In regard to this article’s particulars, I doubt very much that the producers want a “big star,” because at this point, Craig is hot hot hot and Bond 22 is going to fill seats even with an unknown. Their choice of Eva Green for CR suggests that unknowns are as much a part of the “new” Bond as Daniel Craig, in other words, they were unhappy with Halle Berry’s fame in some way.

In addition, if any Bollywood star is cast, I don’t believe to would be Shetty. The legal problems resulting from Richard Gere kissing her would indicate to me that a Bond film, with racier content, is out of the question. In fact, I thought at the time that Eon might forego Bollywood actresses entirely rather than risk this kind of trouble.


6 Responses to “Shilpa Shetty joins the Bond Girl rumor bandwagon”

  1. Talking of Halle Berry, I think DAD is showing in England on itv1 tomorrow at 2030 BST (and probably stv/utv/itv1 Wales, but I’ve not checked).

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I am actually kind of tired of DAD. I know a lot of fans hated the second half from the get-go, but I didn’t tire of it until the fifth viewing or so, then all of a sudden I realized it was exhausting to watch.

  3. Correction: starts at 20:00 BST (earlier than usual start to get it all in before the news at 22:30 – expect cuts).

    I’m not fond of it and it does take a nose-dive in the second half.

    But then, was this necessary to drive Casino Royale to be such a good first film for Daniel Craig, like did A View To A Kill’s cheese drive Living Daylights, LTK and Goldeneye to be more vicious?

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    In my New York Times article, I suggest that space-related adventures (including the Icarus beam) are always the turning point.

  5. Watched it again – and yep, the appearance of Icarus is where it all goes really silly. There’s no space-based shark-jumping rumoured for Bonds 22 and 23 are there?

    However, I think Goldeneye got away with it…

  6. Deborah Lipp Says:

    GE managed to be fairly down-to-earth despite some silly flourishes. Great characters, gritty motivation.

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