“Animal Rights” Spoiler for Bond 22

In my quest to provide interesting news for you, I have uncovered a headline that leads to a spoiler for Bond 22. I clicked, in all innocence, on a headine reading “Bond in animal rights row.” But Ireland Online didn’t care to warn its audience about a minor potential spoiler for the next Bond film.

The non-spoiler news is that horses are involved, and animal rights activists are concerned.

Highlight the text below to read the spoilerish part of the story.

Bond 22 reaches its climax against the backdrop of historic bareback horse race the Palio, which takes place in the Tuscan hill town of Siena, Italy.
The race is renowned for being extremely dangerous and campaigners are predicting horses will be at risk of injury or even death during filming. They claim that 50 horses have died in the race since 1970 with many more maimed.
Shooting on the scene is due to commence on Thursday.

So now you know (or not).


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