So Much Bond News

An interesting interview with Pierce Brosnan in the Daily Mirror:

You get complacent having a role like that – the luxury of doing one every 18 months. It focused my attention on what I want to do with my career and the choices I want to make. Now I’m out there in the field, what’s going to happen next?

Commander Bond has a couple of YouTubes up of Daniel Craig in Italy, and of a crucial action location, with spoiler information about an Italian action sequence in Bond 22.

MI6 News reports that Switzerland remains a possible location for Bond 22:

“As soon as we knew that Marc Forster grew up in Switzerland and would direct the next James Bond film, we had to offer our services”, said André Brice of the Swiss film commission (Film Location Switzerland). “Still nothing is definite, but the chances bode well”, he added.

And, most thrilling of all, my local revival theater, the Lafayette in Suffern, NY, will be showing Goldfinger on November 24 (also on the schedule, The Great Escape; One, Two, Three; Stanley Kubrick’s The Killing; Charade, and more). All showings are on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.


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  1. Interesting and detailed blog to accompany book. If listed right let me know and I will return the link.



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