Happy Birthday, George Lazenby!

To some, he’s the man, to some, he’s a terrible mistake, but regardless, he’s definitely in the elite group that can say he’s James Bond, and he’s definitely 68 years old today.


I think he’s handsomer as an older man than he was in OHMSS.


15 Responses to “Happy Birthday, George Lazenby!”

  1. He has aged very well. OHMSS is my favorite Bond film, since it is the most Fleming-esque of the films, and at times I think Lazenby is my favorite Bond, although then I watch Dr. No or FRWL and then like Connery. So wish he would have had the chance to continue as Bond. Can only imagine how much better the films would have been with him rather than with Moore.

    BTW, has there ever been talk of incorperating the fantstic idea of Bloefeld’s suicide island in any of the films? I so love the novel of You Only Live Twice and have dreams of the second half of that book showing up in a Bond film.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Eon is very closed-mouthed about future plots, but they have cannibalized books for unused elements before. (Live and Let Die makes guest appearances in both LTK and FYEO.)

  3. I am surprised that even parts of the suicide island section of the novel haven’t been used in any of the films. It seems such the perfect thing for a Bond film. The deadly plants, insects, the floor that moves, the volcanic death chamber, the escape from the island on a weather balloon while being shot at and the climatic destruction of the island. They all cry to be filmed! Hopefully one day we will see them in a Bond film. Once I read YOLT I was shocked where they went with the film.

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    The problem is that there were so many long, detailed explanations of the plants and insects in the novel. It would be challenging to make that part both interesting and understandable. But I agree it’s worth doing. I especially love the psychological angle of encouraging people to come commit suicide.

  5. THe piranha fish that Fleming described in the novel are in the film YOLT.

  6. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Good point.

  7. I certainly don’t expect a film to make the plants and insects interesting. It’s the other parts I am shocked haven’t really made it into a film, not to mention the actual island
    itself. That would make a great set and is so Bond!

  8. Deborah Lipp Says:

    We can continue to hope.

  9. I agree with those who think that George Lazenby was a great James Bond. I wouldn’t say the best because I liked all of them as they are each of them different. Maybe the weakest one for me would be Timothy Dalton. I really loved the performance of Daniel Craig. He is very good but sorry he is blond, has blue eyes and too body builded.

    Actually the reason why Lazenby didn’t carry on as 007, even if he was offered a 7 films contract, it’s because his agent told him to refuse as he didn’t believed that James Bond series would start to lose its popularity. Lazenby recognised years later that he regretted this decision.

  10. Deborah Lipp Says:

    I am a huge fan of both Timothy Dalton and Daniel Craig. I’m not a big fan of Lazenby’s Bond, but you’re right, Shelkan; Eon wanted him back.

  11. Deborah I agree with you Daniel Craig as an actor is a brilliant Bond. But the only problem is that he physically don’t match with the character. But I still think that Casino Royale is one of the best James Bond made.

    The problem with Timothy Dalton is that he didn’t have the time to establish himself in the character. Living daylights was promising but Licence to Kill was for me far for being decent. I think the main problem for Dalton was the fact that the late eighties weren’t the best period for 007 and he had to take over the role after 12 years of Roger Moore as the character.

  12. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Dalton’s biggest problem was John Glen.

  13. I don’t know about John Glen but for Licence to kill the cast very poor. I never saw a 007 movie with so many second ramk actors like Robert Davi and Anthony Zerbe, who specialised in villain role in TV B movies, and Wayne Newton, who is not famous for his movies performances. The only interesting thing in the cast is the young Benicio Del Toro in his first international role.

  14. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Shelkan, I thought Davi was excellent, and I enjoyed Wayne Newton, who was funny and evil. But the director, John Glen, decided that Timothy Dalton needed a dark movie and he went overboard. It was just too dark. Plus, the movie had terrible budget problems.

  15. Scene for Scene, Second for Second OHMSS is the ultimate James Bond movie and Lazenby could have been the greatest James Bond of all. If you have any doubts, look at the Ultimate Edition of OHMSS again,and then view some of the old publicity stills of Lazenby. Lazenby had what Moore,Dalton and yes Brosnan lacked:Cinema Charisma. Perhaps it was the result of his experience as a model??? But he had it heads over heels above all of the pre Daniel Craig successors to Sean Connery. Now, Daniel Craigs biggest challenge will be to star in a movie as good OHMSS

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