Imitating James Bond

Over the last fifty years or so, the very singular style that is Bond has undergone adaptation, repretition, appropriation, imitation, and caricature…There is an abundance of written and cinematic material that has borrowed and capitalized upon the particular habits and idiosyncrasies of the world’s most famous spy. Many of these texts take the form of film adaptations and versions of Fleming’s hero; others take the form of parodic derivations and variations on his character, such as the ridiculous Austin Powers. However, the variety, kind, and volume of responses to Bond’s cool manner in no way diminish or detract from his particular style. In fact, the plethora of representations and variations on Bond only further enshrine, renew, and preserve his style within the annals of past and contemporary culturaly history…Oscar Wilde’s aphorism “imitation is the highest form of flattery” is not only relevant here; it is an understatement.

Suzie Gisbon, writing in James Bond and Philosphy


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