Guess who’s back?

Amy Winehouse. Seriously, I think that she has been reported as out of Bond 22 more often than in.

Now, the story is that, although she was going to be singing the Bond 22 theme, now she won’t (remember that there were already stories saying she wasn’t going to do the song).

British singer Amy Winehouse has been dumped by ‘James Bond’ producers over her recent ‘bad behaviour’, according to reports.

The Rehab star was rumoured to be in talks with bosses from the superspy franchise to record the theme tune to the next Bond movie, but her hospitalisation last month after three days of hard partying has allegedly place the deal in jeopardy.


5 Responses to “Guess who’s back?”

  1. Hopefully she will stay out of the project all together! He song would probably be wose than Madonna’s.

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Madonna’s song grew on me, although I don’t love it. Unlike Madonna, Winehouse is actually talented, with a rich, well-trained voice. But the article is right in that the Bond family avoids these kind of “negative PR” people.

  3. No offense, but Winehouse is skank. 😉

  4. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Have you noticed how that has nothing to do with her abilities as a musician?

  5. […] that Winehouse is totally old news; it was reported a month ago. And let’s also remember that the first “no” about Winehouse came last May. But […]

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