My top six Bond films

At first, I was going to post the whole list, but then I thought, this might generate a lot of discussion, and a few at a time seems better.

I’m doing a top six because Casino Royale upset the top five I had settled on and gotten happy with, and I sort of agonized over that.

Anyway, here it is:

1. From Russia with Love
2. GoldenEye
3. The Spy Who Loved Me
4. Casino Royale (2006)
5. The Living Daylights
6. Diamonds Are Forever

I am pleased with a list of excellent films that represents the full range of actors and eras and sensibilities of the James Bond franchise. Five of the six actors, and two very different faces of Sean Connery. Hardcore spying is dominant in all of these movies, except Diamonds Are Forever, but even that film has a powerful thread of true espionage and horror mixed in with the humor. (I will defend DAF unto the death. Possibly it needs its own thread; we’ll see.)


9 Responses to “My top six Bond films”

  1. DAF does need it’s own thread! Not a terrible film, but certianly not even in my top 10. By YOLT Connery was tired as Bond and I really think it shows in DAF and for me the film is so cartoony and comic booky. Plus, I really love the books OHMSS and YOLT and the movie’s handling of Bond’s revenge on Blofled is horrible, considering it followed OHMSS. Plus I never liked the fact that Charles Gray, an actor who was also in YOLT, plays Blofeld. Far to fey for my tastes. Although I appriciate your love for this film and love that you rate it so high. There certainly are some great moments (notably the fight in the elevator) and some great Bond lines!

  2. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Oh, the fight in the elevator is certainly a highlight. I will give DAF its own thread, I promise. In the meantime, suffice it to say it was the first Bond film I saw on its own in the theater (I had previously seen a triple-feature). So it’s memorable and special to me.

    You should read my book, then you’d know this. πŸ˜‰

  3. You are totally right I do need to read your book! Does anyone besides Amazon carry it? I live in NYC and would love to be able to pick it up instead of ordering it.

    I actually think the fight in the elevator is one of the best fist fights in the entire series! The close quarters are reminisent of FRWL and it feels so utterly classic Bond. Best fights thread????

  4. Slumber Inc. Says:

    Deborah, you’ve got at least one person watching your back … Diamonds Are Forever RULES!!! In all seriousness, it’s my favorite film in the series.

    Granted, it has quite a few flaws …

    — It’s definitely not the BEST Bond movie out there.
    — It has my least favorite Blofeld. As Tom Mankiewicz said, Charles Gray was a “fussy” Blofeld … when you think about it, Telly Savalas seemed to be the only guy who played Blofeld where if you said, “Hey, see that guy? He’s a ruthless criminal mastermind who’s the driving force behind a global network of thugs,” you’d buy it.
    — Sure, Jill St. John’s gorgeous and all, but she’s way down my list of favorite Bond girls (my top three: Diana Rigg, Luciana Paluzzi and Famke Janssen). Luckily, Lana Wood (not to mention Bambi and Thumper!) saved the day for me on that front.
    — Not exactly the best Connery performance.
    — And, as Zippertuck pointed out, the Bond-Blofeld dynamic was pretty disappointing. I can’t speak from experience, but if Blofeld gunned down my absurdly beautiful wife on my wedding day, I don’t think I’d be quite as calm and collected around him as Bond seemed to be in DAF.

    But God help me, I’ve probably seen DAF twice as often as all the other films. A lot of times, I’ll just have it on in the background while I’m doing something else … and of course, I rattle off most of the lines from memory while I’m folding laundry, doing dishes or scrubbing out the tub.

    Like I said, it’s not the best Bond movie out there, but I find it wildly entertaining. I could do lines from DAF all day …

    BOND: “I’m afraid you’ve caught me with more than my hands up.”
    BLOFELD: “The satellite is at present over … Kansas. Well, if we destroy Kansas, the world may not hear about it for years.”
    PLENTY: “Hi, I’m Plenty.”
    BOND: “But of course you are.”
    PLENTY: “Plenty O’Toole.”
    BOND: “Named after your father, perhaps?”
    BOND: “I was just out walking my rat and seem to have lost my way.”
    BOND: “I tend to notice little things like that … whether a girl is a blond or a brunette.”
    TIFFANY: “And which do you prefer?”
    BOND: “Well, providing the collars and cuffs match …”
    BOND: “It’s Saxby.”
    WHYTE: “BURT Saxby? … Tell him he’s fired.”

    Just a glorious movie! πŸ™‚

  5. Deborah Lipp Says:

    Zippertuck, the book is available anywhere. Any Barnes and Noble will keep it stocked, and Borders or any non-chain bookstore will probably have it as well.

    I happen to love Charles Gray. I think Blofeld is meant to be fussy. He has a white cat for God’s sake! He is the guy who pushes buttons to kill, who issues orders for someone else to do the dirty work. So a thug doesn’t work for me.

    My favorite Blofeld casting is Max von Sydow, I think the elegance is dead-on.

  6. Zippertuck Says:

    Looked for the book at the Borders at the Time Warner Center Friday, but they did not have it. I will continue to search for it and will buy it very soon. You have inspired me to expand my Bond knowledge even further!

    Charles Gray will never do it for me.

  7. Deborah Lipp Says:

    You can always ask a bookstore to order a book. Most are happy to do so and delighted to know what customers want. And they don’t obligate you to buy it once it comes in.

  8. Jimmy Chambers Says:

    I would have to list them this way

    1) O.H.M.S.S.
    2) Goldfinger
    3) From Russia With Love
    4) For Your Eyes Only
    5) Thunderball
    6) The Spy Who Loved me.

    I’m really a big fan of pretty much all of the movies from License To Kill back to Dr. No. I really didn’t care for the never ones until Casino Royale (2006). Bit this is my personal opinion and I’m sure the others have different favorites as well.

  9. Deborah Lipp Says:

    You have a very respectable list there, Jimmy. I’m not a big fan of OHMSS, but most fans place it in the top five.

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