Lois Maxwell, Rest in Peace

I just got back after a three-day road trip to discover the sad news of Lois Maxwell’s death. Maxwell, of course, was the original Miss Moneypenny, and was featured in that role in fourteen James Bond films, playing opposite three different Bonds (Connery, Lazenby, and Moore).

She was a charming, warm presence on-screen, and a lovely, stable balance to Bond’s personality. She kind of gave him a home to return to.

Off screen, she was engaging and informative, and contributed to numerous interviews and documentaries. She was forthcoming with John Cork for his many behind-the-scenes features and I was always charmed by her.

She will be greatly missed.


2 Responses to “Lois Maxwell, Rest in Peace”

  1. Zippertuck Says:

    She is the quintessential Miss Moneypenny. No other actress comes close to the chemistry she generated in that role. Seriously, does anyone even care to remember any of the other actresses who have played Miss Moneypenny? Maybe the younger generations, but as far as I am concerned there is no other Moneypenny. God save the Queen.

  2. Jimmy Chambers Says:

    I agree, Lois maxwell was the only Miss Moneypenny in my opinion, as was there can only be one Q and one real M. Rest in peace my dear lady, you are truly missed.

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