National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day. The Bond films are definitely not particularly gay, but in honor of today, I’d like to celebrate the GLBT presence in the world of 007.

First of all, let’s hear it for Rosa Klebb. The attempted seduction of Tanya by the evil Klebb was grotesque in the novel From Russia With Love, but the toned-down film version added to the creepy allure of the character. I like a villain who cops an unwanted feel; makes ’em really villainous. That the feel was same-sex in this case added interest.

Next up, Pussy Galore. Once again, the film version improves on the book. The novel’s Pussy was a lesbian gangster who “converted” as soon as she met a “real man.” Gag me. But the film version of Goldfinger gave Pussy her own goals, her own agenda, and while she slept with Bond and enjoyed it, there is no notion that she’s “converted;” there’s one Flying Circus pilot in particular I think she’s heading back to after the credits roll.

The gayest Bond movie is certainly Diamonds Are Forever. I absolutely adore Mr. Wint and Mr. Kidd, but if they don’t float your boat, what about Bambi and Thumper? And for no reason at all, Blofeld in drag. Yowser!

Bambi & Thumper

There have been no noticeably gay characters in the Bond films since DAF. Probably a desire to avoid offense combined with a desire to avoid being really socially relevant, PLUS keeping the part of the audience that is conservative. I’m not one in favor of a gay Bond—Bond is a specific character with a specific history, and that history is heterosexual—but I do think gay secondary characters would be very welcome.


One Response to “National Coming Out Day”

  1. Zippertuck Says:

    I find the end of TSWLM particularly gay with the campy men’s chorus singing No Body Does it Better! Should have been sung Nobody Does it Gayer.

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