Roger Moore Day

It’s Roger Moore day, with two great news items:

1. Moore will receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Long overdue, I say! He is not my favorite Bond, but no one can argue he isn’t a real star.

2. Even better, Moore will “write” an autobiography. (Write is in quotes because the ghost-writer is announced right in the press release.)

On the eve of his 80th birthday, Sir Roger has finally agreed to tell his life story—including his four marriages, most famous performances, and his escapades with friends including Michael Caine, Tony Curtis, Sean Connery and David Niven. The memoir is tentatively scheduled for publication in autumn 2008, with a working title of My Word is My Bond.

In a note to be circulated to publishers today, he says: “I’m not looking to dish dirt or recycle sleaze stories, goodness knows there is enough of that in the world. Rather, I would like to write a warm, amusing, and maybe even slightly emotional volume that tells my story; corrects some of the inaccuracies previously reported; offers an insight into the world of a jobbing actor and retired 007; and reflects my love of life.”


2 Responses to “Roger Moore Day”

  1. Zippertuck Says:

    Even though he is not my favoite Bond, I am glad he is getting a star on The Walk of Fame. Took long enough! A fine actor, even though he was in some truly misdirected and poorly produced Bond outings.

  2. […] Posted by Deborah Lipp on January 17, 2008 I have seen about twenty news releases telling me that Roger Moore was writing an autobiography called My Word Is My Bond. I couldn’t figure out why this was news, since I blogged it back in October. […]

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